Need of love?

Why are we in need of love????

If your searching for love out there, how true is the love inside you? Are you fearing loving yourself?? That you feel the need to seek love from an outside source in order to feel truly loved ?

If you are seeking and in need of love from an outside source, then perhaps you don’t truly love yourself  or are comfortable with the idea of loving YOU, there’s more than likely a root cause as to why you do and don’t this, which caused you to believe you are not worthy of your own love, so you fear what it would feel like or to do.

So you seek comfort in taking love from others suppressing the fear to love yourself truly and unconditionally.

I quite fondly remember doing similar, because I couldn’t see the value in myself and believe I was truly worthy of loving myself as it may be deemed selfish and non approving from the the people around me, but I realised that I had to love myself within accept myself within in order to know what true love is.

Love, compassion and kindness all starts within YOU and when you start to learn to give it within you and accept it knowing you truly deserve your own love, life will give you the love without even you knowing or needing to figure it out as you are love.

Learn to love within when you are without and love will find you.

Andrew. P


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