You can’t run from darkness

Why is it in this day and age during our hard or dark times, we think escaping from reality or the darkness will change us or help us in some way, we run from darknesses, thinking upon return we will be healed and the darkness or reality will be gone.

They may appear to be for a period of time cause our minds have been distracted by an alternate reality or escape, but soon it rears itself from a simple past trigger and before you know it your back to that reality of darkness again.

I can personally speak from experiences, as I’ve been down that path with my demons, bad habits and loneliness and quite often when it manifested rather than face it I would escape the reality of It all through taking a break or going offline thinking that should fix it.

When in fact all I was truly doing was giving power to the darkness and the reality I didnt want to face, allowing it to grow and become more powerful, the more I ran the bigger it got until I realized I had to face these things one by one, embrace these darkness’s walk with them knowing there will be light and once I started doing this I felt healing and inner strength.

You must embrace your darkness, as its apart of your reality, give it acceptance, allow yourself to walk with it into the light and soon you will be healed just trust the journey.

Never forget A plant grows in both dark and light as we do



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