My Contemplation of suicide

I recently read a post that has just activated something so deep in me that I felt the need to share as I never shared it with anyone not even my psychologist

I’ve been on a journey with depression and anxiety and around mid last year I took a short trip out of town to visit a new friend.

Things went a little south and I didn’t have my comfort to retreat to the gym or work to help me get through this, I was reaching out to friends via social media, but wasn’t being completely honest about my thoughts aside the fact I was going through a dark patch.

Within this dark patch a long way from home I was contemplating suicide I knew and saw a bridge in town and kept thinking how easy it would’ve  been just to end this darkness and jump off it.

It felt like a lonely place I was in and no matter what I did, I just wanted to cry or end the darkness I was in as I couldn’t see light and all I kept thinking about was perhaps jumping off that bridge would end it all.

I’m glad that day I had a resilient part of me activated even though I was dominated by utter darkness and to the friend on social media who listened to me I would like to thank you even though I cannot remember who you are, but your chatter kept me from doing something I was believing I should’ve done.

Your not alone in this world

The world maybe dark but know there will be light

Contemplation of suicide is a strong feeling and is often where it all begins to end or ends to begin



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