Social conditioning

What is the norm anymore?

Apparently we have defined normal where apparently everyone lives the same, thinks the same and should feel the same.

And when we aren’t falling within that “normal” social conditioning or structure then instantly there is something “wrong” with us, there is nothing wrong with you, your just evolving in your own way past that standard social conditioning which only allows us to see YES OR NO  and RIGHT OR WRONG.

 Most of us

  •  spent 10-12 years in a schooling/education system
  • learning from text books
  • doing tests t justify our physical intelligence quota
  • learning right and wrong rather than reading between the lines
  •  being taught conformity rather than freedom 

All of this helps but also it doesn’t it locks away parts of our mind,

  • Our free thinking
  • our creativity
  • Our logic to life
  • Our soul

So we are conditioned to believe and see life in only the way a system has shown us, when we go against that and unlock our dormant parts of the  mind, building new neural pathways and connections which allow us to see the world and life in its true form only then are we really thinking, acting and seeing, being mindful, being compassionate, being our true soul.

I’m not against a system of education I am for learning and  growth, but what I do believe is the system needs to evolve to meet the thinking of today and not yesterday as change is inevitable and so our education systems need to adapt.


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