Why because it takes more courage to say what we truly feel from the heart than it does to speak with our emotions or pre thought out logic.

Often when you speak from the heart the words flow because you feel and know the words you are speaking come directly from the heart so theres no need to to analyze or plan what to say.

When we speak with emotions we often have our words misconstrued or we are often trying to force something out thats not there much like   “the sunlight trying to force its way through the clouds after a storm instead it waits for the clouds to pass to shine again”

Words from the heart are always powerful, they can empower a person, shock a person and challenge their thinking but Its the most courageous act one can do.

 I spoke from the heart tonight

Going back a couple of years ago I met a woman, she was going through a fragile stage, but we kept dating, she managed to find her way into my heart and I dont know how and in a very short time, we parted ways a few months into it as she was entering a rough phase of her life, when we parted ways I never realised the impact she had on my heart, it was massive in a good way, I always have held her close to my heart and never felt any anger towards her.

Tonight I spoke from the heart and told her the place she has cemented in it and how I feel, I wasn’t doing this with hope or expectation of sparking something between us again but because I wanted to speak from my heart for once and exercise courage and I did.

You will know when to speak from the heart as the words flow and the feeling afterwards is peace.


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