The cross roads between light and dark 

I’ve revisited a very familiar place in my life, deep inside me.

I’m at the cross roads of dark and light, my anxiety on a high my happiness on a low.

I feared going back to this place as I had come so far, but I’m here.

Reminds of the lyrics to that old Simon and Garfunkel song sound of silence

“Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again”

You ever had a place in life, that you fear so much that you would do anything not  to go back there?

I did exactly that I focused on not falling back into old habits and guess what I found myself back into those old habits without even  knowing.

All I’ve felt the last 24hrs is hrs is darkness,

 like being in a dark room without a light switch, so you panic in the dark trying to find this  light switch only too become more flustered, panicked and stressed you eventually give up in exhaustion not before you have beaten yourself down for allowing you to get to that place.

Its the one thing I’ve always preached to those around me and that is 

“Don’t focus on not making the mistake and you will make it”

But hey noones perfect not even the  preacher, student or mail man, 

just sit in darkness let the light come to you, don’t panic don’t be scared as theres a reason your there just sit and listen.


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