Letting go of the past

After a recent experience where someone raised my past and my reaction was a blow up on the end of a very anxious day.

I have spent the last couple of days processing this all, understanding why I reacted the way I did when my past was raised, why I went into defensive mode, why I imploded.

It has occurred to me

That I never had truly let go of my past, instead I carried it with me through my actions of focusing on trying not to make the mistakes of the past which inevitably lead me to unknowingly making the same mistakes until someone pointed it out, hence my defensive reaction to it, I never took ownership of my past and let it go to form a part of my journey

My Past is mine I made a lot of mistakes, I am not perfect and I accept I have made these mistakes, I have forgiven myself for these mistakes and It is not my problem if people choose to judge me on my past and not see for my present journey, I am not obliged to prove myself anyone that I have grown all I say is just watch me or walk away.

I will not be a prisoner of my own past, I will own it and grow.

“focus on the journey forget the destination” – Andrew Pickering


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