Building a friendship with my sons mum

I am pretty thankful for the friendship my sons mum and I have managed to forge over the last 4 years since our marriage separation.

I often see so many other parents bickering, at each others throats, holding life long grudges, refusing to forgive or show compassion.


I met my sons mum at her sisters wedding back in 2008/2009 we were both in the bridal party, she appealed to me in the most relateable way and that was through food lol, but I like this girl, fast forward to a booty call,

 then relationship, then moving in together all in the space of I would say 6 months, then a year later getting married with a bundle of joy on the way, things started to get hairy, we had the odd argument, then odd turned into frequent and frequent turned into normal day in our marriage, we eventually split up after trying to make it work.

Post separation, we still fought, bumped heads, argued, but I still had heart enough to know when she came to my door in tears with no money I had to put all that aside the hurt the grudges and help her, my heart, we continued to fight and argue.

I never saw it her way and she never saw it my way, eventually we went to mediation to bring an end to this, it was some tense times it took us 6 mediation sessions to finally settle life down and put in place parenting arrangements for our son.

I will fast forward to today and the friendship we have now is strong and like any other has its ups downs, to get to where we are are today hasn’t been easy, a lot of tears, anger, pain and hurt both individually and together, but hey were here we share jokes, we can sit in the same room as we have done for 6 weeks of a parenting course on ADHD.

I am grateful to have her in my life, part of the reason I am the person who I am today is because of her without a doubt.


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