Self love and my journey

Before I embarked on my journey of self connection I lacked two major things inside me SELF LOVE & SELF BELIEF.

I’ve never had much of these as a kid I was average in school and sports wasn’t a high achiever, I lacked confidence and self belief and took that with me into adult hood.

Its not until recently I realised that I needed to believe and love me as noone else will until I do, I know of self love but never knew how to practice it, until I came across a self compassion video by a Dr Kristin neff see link below 

self compassion – dr kristin neff
This video was the ultimate catalyst and gave me a method of providing self love in a way I knew how, in essence the same I help guide and coach people, so I took to it I began by identifying three qualities that others close to me saw in me.

Once I knew those three qualities I had to find a time in which to do it and there was no better way of carrying out this act of self love than in a hot shower after a long evening at work.

I will usually speak to myself in the third person or as if I was talking to a friend I was helping and started with my self love affirmation

My self love affirmation

Andrew dude I love you so much you are a beautiful soul and don’t forget that, also Andrew remember you are a kind, beautiful intelligent soul.

I spend about 2-3 minutes a night doing this, it has helped me but its only been about a month or so since I took on this practice but I am confident in the long term it will definitely show its results.

Don’t ever believe you cannot love yourself and that it is selfish to do so as its not its what we need to do we can’t truly give love externally unless we give It internally


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