Life’s misdirection

It can be so easy  to become lost in today’s world

Falling back into old habits, behaviours, trying to fit in, trying to appease people and generally fearing loss.

I had these old habits surface, I have in all honesty spent the last couple of months, trying to fit in again, trying to get the worlds attention and in general getting in the mix of life’s confusion to a point where I had lost sight of my journey.

Once again I found myself trying to fit in and trying to impress people and trying to force connections in life, I have been fortunate enough to meet some very amazing people to date along with some very testing people as well.

Last Friday was like the fall from Grace the roller coaster descent, I just have struggled to say no to helping others because of who I am, I lost a sense of doing things for me, doing things with an open heart.

I have found myself preaching to people its okay to say no its okay to be selfish for you, little did I know I was putting constraints on myself and not adopting that mindset.

See how easily one get lost much like a tom tom or a navman that isn’t updated with the latest maps, its okay to be lost though I’m finding out and I hope I can start doing life for me again.


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