Slowing life down going nowhere in a hurry

It’s easy to race around with life in this day and age, work, family, relationships and etc, we forget to slow down or think we can’t slow down and in turn we get tired we miss life we forget what life is about.
A while ago I slowed down life but I got frustrated as I watched everyone around me go through life at a hundred miles an hour, then hearing them say how tired they were and how they needed to rest, I thought I was the one going in the wrong direction in life like the bloke going into town when everyone is running out of town.

We are much like a car eventually were not going to have the fuel to run or the oil to lubricate or our blinkers stop working and then the car goes no where, but we still try to force it to go because we need to be somewhere in a hurry, now imagine being that person going into town when everyone is heading out your rushing their rushing, now just stop and watch life drop it down a few gears or even shut off the engine and just sit there, You are now watching life and seeing life for what it is, as you realise theres no rush to get into town at all, much like there is no rush needed to life as your moving nowhere in a hurry, only achieving the same thing people in the opposite direction are.

Be that person going into life when everybody is rushing out of it, but put your mind in neutral and watch life for what it is.

True wisdom is not gained by what we know but how we handle the best and worst of life and accepting its realities.


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