Me and the dating game

Well after much procrastination and self talk and umming and ahhing I decided to chuck myself back into the dating abyss lol

So far its been a week and I’ve managed to build up a pretty good dialogue with one lady, as usual she catches my attention and as usual I start over thinking lol, oh lordy this is familiar territory, so I’ve been talking to her for a good week or so now.

Bouts of over thinking bouts of free flowing moments, I want to question the little things she says like calling me handsome or  why the hell is she still talking to me after shes had to deal with my overthinking and self doubt.

So I haven’t really spoken to her today, but my usual overthinking has popped in and out and I’m sitting here thinking is this what dating is all about or am I over playing it, I know I should have no expectations and just be me which I have no problems with but its the whole conversation thing how long do you chat to these people before meeting them and so on.

So I carried out some self destructive behavior tonight an oldie but a goodie *rolls eyes* …….well done over thinking Andrew….

I blocked her number into my spam list then 20 mins later I removed it as I figure there’s nothing going to be achieved from this sabotaging behavior and the only person losing out is me potentially.



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