The world from my eyes

The last few days I’ve taken a step back from the world, the conversations, interactions and contributions and just observed the world around me.

Its left me feeling sad but also beautiful inside, I see compassion and kindness at every turn, love, unconditional acceptance and growth all around me along with the imperfections given to me by the gallery of nature.

I’ve learned to slow everything down just to see its true beauty, we all would like to go in a fast car screaming down the highway or trying to get somewhere in a hurry its part of today’s world but imagine just taking the time, slowing down life to a few kilometers or miles per hour just to see what’s truly around you for a moment, you will be Suprised at not just the physical nature you see but the human nature you will see.

Also with this slowing down of life I’ve seen another side to human nature it saddens me, that we are willing to disown a fellow human being for view the world differently, we are quick to assume the worst in everything, we are quick to judge one before looking at our true reflection.

The biggest one that saddens me the most is the suffering We are causing ourselves through attachment to the past and future, we live there it seems and inevitably can die there, we have expectations of fellow souls, that cause even more suffering through acting disappointed or angry, we have allowed our own beliefs to be the only one people should respect rather than respecting every individual as the human being they are.

Its okay to have opinions, beliefs and so forth but remember there are 7 billion people in the world, by disowning another human being for having a different view to you is only hurting yourself through lack of compassion.


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