Suffering through expectations 

I see it more and more these days and have learned from a Buddhist teacher that one of our biggest causes of suffering in today’s world comes from expectations of any kinds, I used to and sometimes still do have them to an extent, we often go through phases I believe.

  1. Having all expectations to
  2. Having “realistic” expectations then if we’ve learned or then
  3. Limited  expectations

All these above sadly still leave us with some degree of suffering through disappointment as we become clouded with negative emotions which then project as thoughts and energy and if It gets to a bad point we often become either verbally aggressive or pessimistic.

I used to have massive expectations of the dating scene until I recently thought fuck it no expectations Andrew just no expectations take what comes, project the good energy of understanding through compassion and empathy.

I see a lot of fellow souls holding their fellow souls or the opposite sex with high expectations on a lot of levels, even we as parents can often do it too our children without realising it as we often try and live a deflected reflection of our child hood, this can often cause our children to rebel against us in order to want to live freely rather than down a forced path because we the parent have expectations our kid should live this way and that way and this can cause Soo many relationship breakdowns as well.

But then I believe there’s a positive side to expectations as well, expecting our kids to not go down the path we did can be seen as joyous but also can still cause ourselves suffering due to attachment of our past sadly.

The best expectations to have in life is no expectations you will find less suffering  and more happiness, just think a river doesn’t have expectations of the direction it will travel it just goes wherever its taken rough or calm and navigates it until its new path comes forth.


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