Live with your heart not with your mind

We’re all guilty of it, we often live life through our minds I often do it as well and its human nature as were conditioned through education systems to think with our minds and react with our minds to see right vs wrong and nothing in between.

I notice a difference in myself majorly when I start thinking rather than living and it causes me a great amount of anxiety and depression because I’m either living in the past or the future through my thoughts.

Our mind holds a lot of information especially in the sub conscious as well, hence the term “mental  health”,  what happens when your sitting there thinking thinking thinking your  giving your mind and your thoughts ultimate control over you and you forget to see the beauty in the present moment and can often depreciate the value of the moment.

Our knowledge takes away the true value of life it stops us from seeing the unspoken truth in a moment or soul, much like when a beautiful woman walks into a room every mans jaw drops, but not one speaks, we are only silen with heart able to admire that true beauty in the moment or soul.
Rather than analyzing how beautiful one is, thoughts of judgement, comparison and critiquing of one to ourselves, we have also then lost sight of our own true beauty within.

We are killing our happiness and destroying our truth to life by allowing our minds to live for us.

Just stop and look around you without saying a word, observe a conversation without contribution, view nature without comment or photography and tell me what you truly see, I guarantee that you see something so pure in life that it amazes you beyond anything.

A river doesn’t analyze its direction it just takes what’s given, it doesn’t force a direction it doesn’t go against the tide it just goes, when you take control of your mind and not let it control you everything becomes clearer and you see things truthfully rather than with knowledge.


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