Most of my blogs revolve around my personal life the ups the downs the wisdom the insight I’ve never shared much about my career to date so Here’s a little insight.


Back in 2003 I was done with study, jobless took on commission based work which proved ineffective and unsustainable, my mum had been a police officer back home in her younger days, I wasn’t destined to go down that path but I figured I would join the security industry.

Did my course attained my certification and found my very first bit of work as a bouncer/doorman for a small security company, it wasn’t much I was earning $12.50 an hour to work in a nightclub and thrown in the deep end on my first night, sometimes two venues in one night dealing with incidents ranging from drug and alcohol intoxication, aggressive behaviour to assaults and a couple of stabbings.

I formed some good friendships in the time I was working in this field Also made alot of mistakes as well, which almost cost me a job, I learned from them and learned quickly I will say and adhered to advice and lessons given by a very experienced and veteran of the industry colleague which helped me become a better worker and person, now I will be honest I never saw a career out of this I never thought much of it besides a job in all honesty I took what came from each experience, including the 16 hour days, 3 venues across town in one night and the infamous 64 hours in 4 days of work which by the end of it I slept for 2 days solid.

I will never forget one of the best guys I ever worked with whom sadly took his own life one day his name and spirit are never forgotten thats for sure RIP wherever you be  Corey.


So I left the club security work behind and decided to enter into a more sustainable line of security work, I entered into retail security (mall cop) I was lucky enough to land a Job at the local major shopping centre through a contact, once again I never looked much into the future or making a career out of it just took it as an experience.

It was an experience which I grew very  quickly, in my first 2 years at the shopping centre I was promoted to the role of site supervisor, where I ended up demoting myself due to not being able to handle the pressures and felt I wasn’t matured enough yet, it was a slog thats for sure, long days once again 16 hour days even a 20 hour day, dealing with a high staff turnover, interviewing  staff, having center management on my case I remember fondly one day just waking up in tears and saying I can’t do it today and I simply called in sick.

I maintained a senior role at the site after demoting myself and inserting a suited replacement, for some time I just went along with the job, showing people what I  knew, training staff, building rapport with tenants and so on, I really had a fleeting interest for a while, where I just turned up in effects and roamed the malls aimlessly until end of shift it took its tool 2 years plus without a days annual leave(vacation).

Things changed for me after a few years I had gotten married then had a family, it came to a point where I needed a career change to meet the needs of family time and to get myself away from the Stress and the backstabbing and white Anting by people I was meant to have trusted.

20011 to Present

I managed to land myself an internal security job with a multinational freight and logistics company, working as a security officer looking after 4 guards in a gatehouse, I was thrown in the deep end no formal training effectively winging it and getting training on the fly from the 4 security staff already there, I have never been one too complain I guess I just went with it.

This job has been the one to test me in every way much like my other jobs in the past, I’ve had to learn to mature very quickly, become resourceful & self sufficient both for myself and the team I have in my care, this job has seen me endure some mentally straining times, from staff trying to white ant me out of my job, to dealing with 4 multiple personalities within my team, to feeling under appreciated for your efforts, I’ve truly felt like I’ve given my all and then some.

I used to seek reward or recognition for my efforts from my job or even approval which brought about my emotional down falls, I can honestly say I’ve learned to do it not for the notoriety but because its in my heart to make a difference where I see fit  as I know people have done so for me and will so in the future.

14 years later from a night club bouncer to a supervisor for a multinational freight and logistics firm come out the other side tested and triumphant in many ways.


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