She’s that woman 

Just that one woman

That has impacted my life in such a way I dont think I will ever experience that again.

She took away my anxiety, doubts, fears and insecurities on many levels, I never questioned her always trusted her , never felt I wasn’t good enough as she made me feel like I was enough, I could express my heart and forget my head.

She made me feel like a man, she made me feel happy.

When we parted ways, I couldn’t be angry with her I could never have an angry bone in my body towards her I could never speak an angry word towards or about her.

My heart yearned for her presence once more it shed tears for her when she wasn’t there and endured pain never felt before by this mans heart.

As I type this tears gently stream down my face as this is the impact her presence even when not present.

She was the woman to bring calm to my storm.


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