I’ve been dealing with loneliness for quite some time now, this journey has shown me a lot and had me experience both the good and bad side to it though I have gained insight from it through speaking to others about my loneliness and the one thing I notice is we are always busy, in need of distraction or just can’t sit with it.


busy people will always fear loneliness, they always have to do something, be somewhere or craving something, they fear sitting with their loneliness and just experiencing because it may challenge them to learn something about themselves in the silence of the mind and presence of the moment, thats why they will never truly see the truthful beauty in loneliness both the good and bad of it.


They’ve sat with their loneliness so much, questioned themselves, stopped and just been noone going nowhere, they also experience the lows of loneliness the depression,social isolation and anxiety as well, so they know what it all feels like and can empathise and sympathize with those struggling with loneliness.

Its okay not to understand loneliness but dont fear it as sitting with yourself is one of the greatest accomplishments a person can attain, experience the highs and lows as they all are trying to teach us something we just have to silence a busy mind to see the beauty in it all.


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