As I’ve recently learned in life and still am that all the things we associate with negativity in life such as failure, defeat, surrender and so on are all success words.

As we all want success, we all want to make the money, we all want a better life for our families, we all want to be healthy but were not willing to surrender and sacrifice our current state and believe that change can happen or hand ourselves over to someone a higher power or trained professional to guide us.

If you want success in life you must surrender yourself and everything in your mind especially if you’ve tried other ways to attain that success and failed.

You need to surrender

  • Your ego
  • Your state of mind
  • Your current belief system
  • Your present physical state 
  • Your failures 

Surrendering isn’t a sign of weakness when soldiers surrender a battlefield it doesn’t mean their defeated it means they live to fight another day and this battle wasn’t theirs.

Here’s an example:

Saving private Ryan theres a scene where they ambush and commandeer a radio base they take a soldier hostage, they were about to kill this soldier but they release him, and in the final scenes of the movie he comes into combat with them again he doesnt fair so lucky though

 The message I’m conveying behind this is surrendering can mean victory the positive is you live to fight another day where if you keep fighting sometimes you lose the battle and die and give up there’s no victory in that.


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