I have to share this story it’s about a person very close to me whom I believe has such phenomenal inner strength.

Back in 1994 she was rushed to hospital after an overseas trip, straight off the plane and into hospital with a mystery illness that doctors spent months trying to diagnose but to no avail she was discharged and put on medication.

Then in 1999 she relapsed with the same illness, this time they were able to diagnose it as auto immune deficiency syndrome, the immune system turned on her body sadly targeting her lungs and depleting them, one day she was rushed to intensive care, hooked up to all these tubes and machines, we were told she had 24hrs to live, all I did was pray and pray and sometimes cry a bit, after that 24 hours she was still alive, 48 hours still  alive, 72 hours Still alive and a week later she was responsive and she progressed from there, after all this it was found out that her lung capacity had been severely depleted due to the illness leaving her with only  less than 25% of breathing capacity in her lungs.

In the weeks leading up to her discharge she was told she would be on an oxygen tank for the rest of her life and her response was a swift but honest no, she left the hospital on discharge day with no oxygen tank or mask in tow, it was exciting to have her home, but there was a long road ahead of physio and other therapy/Check ups.

Its been 18 years later and this woman has survived against and defied all odds thrown at her to see her first grandchild born, to see her eldest son get married and soon to be witness to her youngest son getting married.

She’s gone from having 24hrs to live to now walking without need of an oxygen tank, driving a car, looking after her grandson, cooking meals and doing what you and I would do every  day.

If you want to see what defying all odds is meet my mum she is the strongest person I know to defy all medical beliefs and to fight back from her death bed 




you may think your situation is bad Just remember someone’s is far worse and their fighting every day to.push through.


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