Overcompensating = insecurity

Do we over compensate with life because we are insecure in being who we truly are? YES!

Because we don’t believe in our own strengths and abilities just to be us and that those who admire our qualities will accept us for being us and not Something exaggerated or unnatural.

As I learned from my own experiencr that I was a massive over compensator as I always wanted to impress the girl or fit into the group that I failed to see my true self or live through the real me and when all this over compensation failed I wondered why I felt empty and unhappy.

You will never achieve anything in life through constant over compensation, except to live a life of fear, always conducting yourself in the most unnatural of ways and its unhealthy 

If you just be you without  over compensation you will

  • Live a happy and fruitful life
  • Be secure in who you are 
  • Develop your own inner strength
  • Have no fear of rejection or acceptance 

If you over compensate you will end up

  • Living in fear constantly
  • Be insecure
  • Never live a truly happy life
  • Never know your strengths and abilities to achieve great things

Its not healthy trust me, and alot of it when you dig below the surface into those uncomfortable areas of the human psyche, you will find It relates all back to our past experiences and we feel the need in the present to overcompensate as thats where we failed in past relationships and friendships when in fact all those ended friendships and relationships were a reflection of the other party and not actually you.


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