I wouldn’t be honest if I said this week has felt like an absolute circus of highs, lows, super highs and super lows, anxiety crept in and uncertainty.

Trying to survive the circus is the tough part as I’ve had alot thrown at me this week on multiple levels, I’ve questioned people in my life, asked myself what the fuck on many occasions and just plain out have gotten lost in life itself not to mention my daily routine which is a contributing factor to my personal growth has disappeared like a paycheck on bills.

I even asked someone close to me if they wanted to quit on me as I’m used to people quitting

Expect people to quit on you in life rather than stay with you as then you will be less disappointed in human nature

I honestly felt this week I’ve wanted to run and hide but I know if I did I wouldn’t grow and I needed to face life’s circus this week rather than cut and run

I have certainly learned a lot this week just a matter of figuring what and why and letting go of what isn’t, having realistic expectations of human nature and just not giving a fuck anymore.

When pursuing your goals and dreams life is going to throw weeks days and months at you and maybe even a year or two, we have to just find a way to keep going not listen to those who say you can’t but those who say you can.

My goal in life is to serve others through the power of speech, by becoming one of the greatest motivational speakers next to Eric thomas and Tony Robbins and this week is just a week where it will go down in history as a battle won not lost not drawn but won.


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