Underappreciated Undervalued Underestimated

Some days are great, some weeks are great, some days and weeks can bewilder one person.

Right now as the heading implies I’m suffering those feels after a big crash from the top of reality mountain, everything I have done in life I have given nothing but or less than a %110 in my efforts without ever seeking appraisal or appreciation but every now and then some wouldn’t go astray, I’ve never begged for anything nor will I start to in that sense, but when your like me once in a while you have to stop and ask yourself am I being appreciated for my efforts, are my skills, talents and abilities being recognised or put to good use, besides helping someone else achieve their dream.

It’s a sad world where the highly talented, creative and most imaginative are passed over or go unrecognized all because they don’t have a degree or PH.D.

I have become so confident in my strengths and abilities that I see my worth more and more in the work place and life, I have dreams many of them about how I could influence this world to make peoples lives better and easier, everyday I have these dreams and visions but today they’ve taken a hit.

Just wish someone would take a chance on me and give me the opportunity to show them what I’m capable of or I will just have to create my own opportunities and show those who slammed the door in my face or underestimated me missed out.


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