The journey of growth

I’m starting to realise this journey of growth can feel very lonely, especially when you embark on a path others dare not or fear.

I’ve come to realise more and more that the way I see the world is vastly different to that of most, not that this makes me better than anyone just identifies who I am in a unique manner like anyone else I encounter.

I have gifts to offer this world such as my articulate nature and most recently accessing my introspectiveness to work to my advantage in order to help others.

I’ve come to realise some paths break off after a while not every path is permanent not every experience is permanent, their just moments in time that too will pass and deviate like a sailor finding his way home at sea.

I have started to vision myself climbing a mountain and looking around me to find not a soul in sight like I’ve reached a new level, this movement upwards or forwards can seem lonely at time the cliff face of life will be truly testing as you climb higher and higher or walk farther and farther, people you once knew are no longer there for you to turn to.

You cannot fear the loneliness of your journey as every level you climb and every distance you walk, you will encounter those that support you on that particular point of it, just give and take on these experiences, hath no fear of loneliness as its just a passing feeling.

Reach back and find your why that got you started it will give you drive, comfort and warmth to continue the climb or the walk.


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