Attached to an ideal

I was attached to the ideal of how nice It was for someone to want my company without me having to seek, by having the person break it off with me, I felt the ideal slip away and dissapear as it has done so many times in my life.

So I became angry, upset, confused frustrated and annoyed at this person, because in my eyes they took this ideal away from me, I felt how dare they take that away from me.

People come and go in life all the time, being attached to an ideal as I’m coming to learn can be our biggest downfall in life and a selfish act to carry this ideal around seeking others to fulfill it.

As attachment to an ideal can leave us empty handed like the lonesome old fisherman going home with nothing, rather than the ideal of something in life, we must step back and observe the truth in all relationships we have in order to gain a greater understanding of the connection we have to each and every moment in life.

As everything passes us and the attachment is broken and so is our ideal, its an essential to understand, your relationship with each experience and emotion in life, to know what makes us Happy, angry, sad, grateful etc as the truth is never revealed in the Fishermen or the fish but much rather how their relationship came about to be at their points in each others lives.

The fishermen was hungry so he fished and the fish was hungry so he took the bait the truth lies there in the hunger to survive


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