I’ve come to the realisation after a very recent experience that sometimes we don’t actually miss the person in the essence of what they bring or brought into our lives but much rather just their physical presence more than anything, just someone to fill the void of loneliness quite often as I’ve learned.

If we truly miss someone for what they brought to our Lives and not just their position in our lives its a lot harder to let them go because our heart becomes attached where as someone’s sheer physical presence can be easily replaced(sadly)

I had to ask myself did I really miss this person most recently and as much as it pains me I realised that I didn’t miss who they were but mainly just their physical and social company because it felt nice to have someone want my company for once without having to pursue.

And when I felt that relationship was broken so was the physical company factor which triggered an act of fear in me immediately as it would in anyone who’s been contending with their loneliness.

If you miss something or someone in your life dig deep and ask yourself why find the relationship between you and that in order to know the truth in why you miss them or it and yes it will take some time especially after the emotional dust settles but it’s worth it as it can take you to a whole new level of you.


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