How can we all be a leader for the people?

We live in a day and age where the corporate white collar, blue collar whatever workplace were in seems to find great ease in pointing out our mistakes or doing everything wrong then walk away and so you repeat the mistakes and they come back pointing and shouting at you once again rather than correcting you or coaching you.

Most of these peoples are leaders and have a title that defines them as a leader be it coordinator, supervisor, manager etc, they have a title with surface understanding of what their to do very rarely do they come with people skills or passion to make a difference to the workplace their in.

I’m starting to learn it takes more than just a job role or a few emails to make a good leader in the workplace, you have to be in touch with your staff no matter the size of the team its essential to be in touch with them on multiple levels, their productivity is only as good as your ability to lead by example with action, courage, compassion and empathy.

As a leader be prepared to be challenged by your staff as a staff member that wants to learn will question, query ask a thousand questions because they want to do the best job possible not just for you but for everyone involved that they encounter day to day at work.

If you have the time to analyze their mistakes and do up an email or tell them their making mistakes then you have the time to sit with them and find out why and work through it, pin pointing the source is the greatest single step forward you can make in someone’s development on any level and being a leader myself I’m learning that the more you get to the source of someone’s mistake or lacking performance the easier it becomes to address it and find ways to improve them as a whole.

If your a leader and your struggling to help your staff its probably come from the leadership above you, as I’ve learned you can’t always rely on those around you so you have to go out there an access resources, learn new things, access your imagination and do research empower you to be the best leader you can for your team at the end of the day.


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