The fight of 2017

A friend of mine going through struggles gave me this inspiration

The year has 12 months

A month has an average of weeks 3 to 4 weeks give or take

A boxing match has 12 rounds

A boxing round goes for 3 minutes with a minute in between each round

Your life can get like a boxing match some years, your going to go the distance every month(round), each round(month) you endure, every knock down you have each round you get back again and again and again you rest for a minute and then get back into it.

For those of you whom have have been fighting the odds in 2017 and your up against the ropes, life has thrown you some left and rights to the body and jabs to the mind, just keep getting up please just keep getting up theres only 2 minutes left in this round 12 of 12 the end is almost near.

The bell is about to ring and your going to be stronger for not having quit, you may be bloodied, broken and bruised but your still standing.

You have nearly made it and for all the punches and knock downs you’ve gotten up and stood ground for, your mighty, your courageous your damn strong.

The victory is in your endurance and know when 2018 has come your stronger than you were for 2017 because you never quitted.


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