Leading or Managing?

What if we just changed one word in someone’s job title from manager to leader or chief to leader would it empower the person in the role and the people underneath them more? Can just one word change the perspective on ones role in life or workplace?


gerund or present participle: leading

cause (a person or animal) to go with one by holding them by the hand, a halter, a rope, etc. while moving forward.

1.be in charge of (a business, organization, or undertaking); run.

See the small differences in the definition between the two and how such words can make a difference to how a role or act can be perceived in this world especially in today’s corporate world.

What if we took a CEO(chief executive officer) and replaced it with LEO(Leading Executive Officer) or CFO(Chief Financial officer) and replaced it with LFO(Leading Financial Officer) or replace the title Managing director with Leading Director

The change of a word can make a difference I know with my job role title “Leading Hand” that I feel empowered to do more for my team to guide them rather than direct or supervise them.

Plus a manager can imply a position of power and some people allow that to go to their head straight way aka the power trip I believe there is a massive psychological factor behind such titles as well especially in those weak of mind or in need to be in control, so giving them the title of manager can often lead to massive issues of team cohesion in the workplace and the capitulation of a team stems from the leadership ultimately.

I would challenge the corporate world today to change the way they identify roles in the workplace from the top to the bottom and see what happens.


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