Life is like the seasons

We in life have our seasons as does 12 months of the year does, but ours doesnt always revolve around a calendar year, sometimes some of our seasons last longer than a few months or days and can seem hellish and scary.


We have our bright periods where everything seems beautiful life is great and nothing can do no wrong, we flourish, we bubble we shine on the world this is our favourite season when we have that summer feeling.


Is our fall from grace, our hitting rock bottom and staying there feeling bare and vulnerable like that tree with no leaves in a park, we the body is the tree and the leaves our all our emotions, our happiness, joy and excitement is the leaves that fall away and either lay upon the ground or blow into the distance


Is The season we endure after autumn the falling down, the dark stormy period where we are fighting to get back up, to find our ray of light amidst the dark clouds slowly but surely regrowing our leaves(happiness, joy and excitement) and feeling less and less vulnerable as we endure the winter storms.


We are bouncing back, making a coming back, reemergence ofrom the storms and dark clouds of winter, a rebirth of our former self to be a stronger version thats growing to endure more seasons of life.

Every season of our life we endure makes us stronger to survive the darker ones and the stronger we become the less longer the seasons of life in the dark and stormy times seem to be.

Endure the seasons life thrusts upon you.


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