My 7 year old taught me a humbling lesson this afternoon during one of our random yet insightful conversations he said

Son: Your not the smart dad

Me: I am sm…*pause* *think* yes your right I’m not smart but neither are you nor Is anyone else as we are all smart at something but not everything.

If anything life is smarter than us on many levels it throws us challenges more than we pursue them, it pushes us off a cliff to fall down it laughs at us, it blocks paths, poses threats.

Not a single person can ever say I am smart, as life is a constant classroom of lesson after lesson after lesson, to admit your dumb is to remove the ego and open yourself to everything life has to offer and closed to nothing.

The most successful people in the world never once labelled themselves as the smartest as they knew there was something more to learn from life that could extend their creative abilities and exercise their imagination in order to design amazing things to share with the world so others can benefit.

The ego wants you to be smart or allow you to think you are in order to give you a sense of significance and importance in this world as we have that need to be significant and portraying ourselves as smart fulfils that need.

Be humble, Be dumb and Be empty


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