Why we need negativity

Like anything we need balance in life, we often get scared by negative talk, negative vibes, basically anything that is negative because we are so tunnel visioned on positivity, which isn’t a bad thing.

Just because one see’s negativity and talks about it doesn’t mean they are exactly  negative, much like positivity, negativity has lessons to teach us, we just have to learn to silence our minds rather than try and put an answer or label to it, as a Buddhist teacher once said “Never let knowledge stand in the way of truth”

The truth is we need negativity to truly understand positivity and where it comes from, you just can’t simply deflect negativity and deny you were ever at a negative stage in your life as we have all been there.

Not accepting negativity in the world is like leaving a light constantly on until the globe blows, as I’ve learned we sometimes need to sit in the dark and walk our way to the light switch even if it takes ages to find it eventually you will.

We should be grateful for the fact we have negativity in our lives as its our greatest teacher regardless of what anyone says, try and understand the truth behind a negative person rather than just label them and also don’t be so quick to judge just because of a few what you perceive as negative words are spoken.


4 thoughts on “Why we need negativity

  1. Brilliant post..
    Positive thinking can lead to negative results anyway and complacency. In fact, I can quote many instances where positive thinking has been bad for me and has even put me in danger. My thinking is what’s required for the moment…I don’t consider myself a positive or negative person.


      1. I hate the fact that this “new age” positive thinking bullshit has become almost toxic to people suffering from mental illness and a form of victim blaming too. It’s not easy to change your entire way of thinking. It’s like telling a normal person that they could jump off a tall building if only they could change their way of thinking to believe that they won’t fall to their death as a result of doing so. Granted, that’s real danger rather than perceived, but the mind often doesn’t differentiate when you’re dealing with anxiety or depression.


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