Can A Deep Thinker Love as Deep Also?

Can one be so deeply wise & philosophical and deep in thought that allowing a deep kind of love into their space is a struggle because of the way they see the world and what their realistic beliefs are about love and where it derives from or knowing that love like most things in life can be merely a fleeting or passing sensation that’s to them it just scratches their surface like a scratch and win lottery ticket that is thrown away after its single use.

Love to a deep thinker isn’t scary we just know the truth that nothing lasts forever, we know that love has a different definition by the way an individual defines it in their eyes, we have a deep love for the intricacies of life and reality, we as deep thinkers adorn the these intricacies of life, we have a deep love for the between the lines of life’s story, we have a deep love for the depth which one can live life at, we have a deep love for the curiosity of ones behaviour and what drives us, we as deep thinkers can love as much like anyone we have an independent definition of what deep love is to us and when we find a fellow deep thinker we share the deep love for each other through the deep love and thought we have for life


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