Life’s got you against the ropes

Life can seem like your a boxer against the ropes, people throwing punches of criticism, personal agenda’s, judgement, hate and even illness or injury , distain for every punch that is missed one is landed and it seems like a never ending barrage, 12 rounds of boxing can seem like 12 hours of your life and the more hits you take the more you get frustrated and you just want to come out swinging wildly in hope one punch will land.

As I’m coming to learn wild punches, emotional retaliation achieves nothing as your playing into that dark side of life’s hand, you have to be tactical with your comeback, you have to step forward into the punches of life and throw one through that open window even if its a split second.

This is what life can be likeĀ  sometimes and its a never ending barrage of criticism, hate and judgement and personal health issues beyond your control, I’ve let the criticism absorb me and leave me clinging onto the ropes like a half knocked out fighter, the fight in me hasn’t been to step into the punches I’ve just swung wildly and wasted energy.

Life is always going to have you against the ropes just step into one punch at a time and land tactical blows control your come back .


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