As I sit here passing time I enter a time of reflection, as also at this time In my life I am once again entering another uncomfortable, challenging growth phase.

A year ago I wasn’t the same man as I am today, two years ago I wasn’t the same man as I am today and three years ago i was only a quarter of the man I am today, growth requires massive sacrifice, massive uncomfortable rides like that of a long bus ride in a hard seat on old potholed roads, the way life has challenged me lately has tested me, pushed me and even left me in tears of frustration asking why why why and what the fuck!!

Yes I have felt the eyes of judgement on me, the breaths of criticism and the heart beat of isolation, I always thought it’s great to fit in, it’s great to have a big circle of friends but I for some reason am stuck in no mans land I’m compelled to walk, talk, stand and believe alone but on the other a tinge of loneliness dares me to comprise me to be that triangle trying to fit into a square puzzle.

There is no Navman or tomtom to navigate me through this period, as I have asked the universe to challenge me and so it has with this phase of my life


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