I don’t understand quitting

I just don’t understand the concept of quitting, why people quit before it gets started or because they fear the good that may come of it, so they quit.

I don’t get the concept of quitting, as I suppose I’ve never quitted on myself, my mum was never a quitter and neither was my dad, I’m also a stickler for pain, putting myself through a pain, confronting things, because I know there’s something out the other side that’s worth it.

It may be a selfish perspective I’m looking from depending on who you are and how you interpret this, as everyone has a journey and a Story we know nothing about whatsoever, as I also have a story and this is me sharing it, clearing my system, removing debris from the road, bringing things out in order to try understand what is going on.

I listen to my words as I type them, seeking an answer that will only come when I least expect it, as Tony Robbins has said sometimes our success in life is dependent on us anticipating what can happen in life so we can control our responses, emotions and reactions to it, maybe I need to anticipate that people do quit or step back and that it apart of life.


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