The Empty Fort Strategy

Stumbled across this article regarding reverse psychology a very insightful read with a back story of facts to match it.

Gareth Roberts

Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing at all. And there’s a legitimate reason why.

Tell somebody to do something, and they won’t want to do it.

Tell them not to do it, and they’ll want to.

Sound familiar?

If you’re sensitive in nature, do not read the rest of this post.

(Seriously, don’t.)

In 195, Shandong, Eastern China, military general Lü Bu was gathering his armies.

He amassed 10,000 soldiers to attack opposition warlord, Cao Cao.

With the imminent attack unknown to him, Cao Cao sent his own soldiers to collect grain.

So he had less than 1,000 men with him in his fort.

Against the impending 10,000 soldiers that were to descend on the fort, he was far from well defended.

When Lü Bu showed up at the empty fort, Cao Cao had to react.

Desperately, Cao Cao sent all civilians to defend the fort. He even…

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