As I sat there in the sun shirtless at my local swimming pool I couldn’t help but feel a tad a conscious about my body, it’s been on my mind quite a lot lately even catch myself in the bathroom mirror eyeing my body up and down, side to side and back to front and having that insecure moment asking myself am I good enough in the physical sense.

As I hit my mid 30’s I feel this physical insecurity grow ever so more, I have gleaming moments of body confidence as I know I’ve put in hard work for the body I currently have but as I look around and hear of female friends getting dates, I start to ask myself is there something I’m not doing right to attract the attention? besides being my deep thinking, deep conversant with a hint of sporadic humor am I not putting out to the universe in   accordance with the Laws Of Attraction?

In a day and age of convenience technology with dating, it’s easy to develop that degree of insecurity or body consciousness especially as we get older and the crowd seems younger and dating   seems more of a challenge, especially for us males, quite often these dating sites give one the power to swipe or ignore based on the images we see and not the story we ready and yes it’s not one’s obligation to respond or engage with everyone they encounter on dating site.


As I hear from my female friends they seem to have to fight guys with a stick on these dating sites and literally may have a pick of the crop(not always the best pick) but they seem to get more of engagement from the opposite sex on these sites/apps, is it because us males are more insecure or even desperate than our female counterparts? Are we projecting our Insecurity through these apps as men so we over compensate to some degree because we are either insecure about our physical appearance so we do more in the who we are department  to mask that insecurity to some degree or do we send dick pics and inappropriate messages as we are insecure of who we are as a person and our confidence in having a regular conversation perhaps?

Do females not project their insecurities as loud as men in the physical body conscious sense? as I know females carry a lot of emotional and mental insecurities that they have the habit of projecting  but rarely do they project their physical insecurities with the opposite sex out of some fear perhaps?

On a closing note I would like to say if you have made it this far to the article thank you for reading  I pose the question is it truly harder for a mid 30’s and upwards male to make connections in the dating world than it is for our female counterparts?



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