Followers, Like and Friends lists

As I do a cull of my Facebook friends list and also scrolling through my inbox, I asked myself this question, how the hell did I end up with 300+ people on my friends list but if I scroll through my inbox probably less than half maybe even less than 10% of that 300+ actually have communicated with me in some way and off the top of my head maybe 5% of that I talk to intermittently and another 1.5% I talk to regularly and the rest just seem to follow suit with the whole mutual friends must add this person protocol.

We’ve become an empty disconnected society, where we add people but never talk to them and were all culprits including myself, no wonder friendships have become expendable when you have 4 times the amount of friends on your Facebook friends list than you do in real life you can easily replace a broken friendship at the click of a button.

Social media has turned us into dopamine addicts in effect, we find ourselves depressed and lonely so we put a post up or send out a few messages and we get some engagement which in turn gives a dopamine spike and sense of happiness and enjoyment until once again it wears off then we repeat the cycle.

How many people do you keep in contact with out of the amount on your friends list? How many of them do you actually interact with on a regular to intermittent basis? Why do you have so many people on your friends list but so little engagement? 


One thought on “Followers, Like and Friends lists

  1. Hello, just staring a dialogue with e-mails, FB messenger or on Skype could be a solution . Some of the people I knew only through the internet I met later physically in real life. i am sure it´ll be the next trendy thing to do 😀


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