5 of my greatest successes in life PART I 

LOSING 54 kilograms 

This has by far been one of my greatest successes in life to date, it brought a lot of challenges and testing times to my life.

My wife at the time was very supportive of me because she was concerned for my health, so I embarked on this journey, the more I enjoyed I became obsessed with it I felt the less support I received from my ex wife, part of it was me not having the skill to prioritize life, gym, family and work so I  struggled with it but kept going none the less.

 Probably about 2 years after our marriage split I learned to prioritize and balance life better, I did research learned about my body and physical training more and applied those tools to  my life on order to overcome that hurdle and I still implement those tools to this day.

2 years into the journey or there abouts our marriage split, so I was faced with many challenges, my motivation, drive and mood went down hill as much as I wanted to get back into the gym I had no idea how to go about, so I took two steps back and started my training back from square one and slowly built my momentum and drive back up that is still going to this day I learned that it was okay to start again.

I also felt further challenged by a lack of moral support and physical as I often trained by myself and never with a training partner as it was a struggle to find one, so I learned to support myself, lift myself and drive myself with every workout I became Comfortable with that and it gave me a sense of personal empowerment that still drives me to this day.

I found training used to get quite stagnant after a while and because I couldn’t afford a trainer I had to find a way to access resources, so I started researching using the internet to a point where I was able to create my own routines and get a better  insight into structuring them, this tool has stuck with me ever since and the resourcefullness has also evolved into life outside the gym.

After losing the 54kg I put on some weight and am slowly managing my maintenance of it through consistent action and with purpose that my son will have a healthy father 


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