Life isn’t that painful at all

When you come to think of it, life isn’t really painful at all, it’s the story in which we tell ourselves that makes it seem painful, when in all fact it’s not painful if anything at all at the end of the day.

You can make All the excuses you want about why your life is apparently painful I will still call bullshit as I have someone in my life that’s proven pain is no boundary to living life, odds can be defied when you don’t use pain as a barrier or in some cases as an excuse, we use pain as an excuse to stay comfortable, we use pain as a reason to connect with another, we create our own pain to gain sympathy and empathy so people will come running to us out of obligation.

Yes pain exists but it’s only going to last as long as you chose to let it, don’t let your mind dictate how pain will affect you otherwise you will spend your whole life being a servant to your mind and that very pain will become the epicentre of your life’s story in a bad way.

You have to train your mind and re write the story, recreate the mental blueprint or whatever it is you need to do in your mind in order to seize control of your life.


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