Masking Connection with a facade of love

I had an interesting conversation with a friend last night and overnight and have realised something.

Dating apps and sites seem to market themselves and profiteer on providing that one essential need of the 6 needs we have and that’s connection, as most of us roam this earth never truly experiencing love so we settle for connection instead.

Hence dating apps will commonly use the term connect, connection or connected in some catchy slogan, they match people through interests so you connect, as you can’t match people through love as that’s an internal thing but also what Is love anymore? I believe its been lost in translation and now become over and misused we often use its term to maintain or attract connection aswell.

Dating apps don’t provide love for us neither do they instantly bring us the love of our life as in all honesty we don’t love ourselves enough or we don’t treat ourselves as our own internal one true love, we go out and seek it like the buried treasure that exists as a story in our mind but never physically, spiritually or emotionally.

How well connected with yourself? Ask yourself that next time before seeking connection in the name of love through the dating world.


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