So I had a little melt down in the early hours of Saturday morning which lasted for a few hours as I felt that my needs hadn’t been met and mostly the last 3-4 weeks I had been fulfilling the needs of everyone else on both a professional and personal level.

 I had this idea all along that having needs was selfish and we should constantly be fulfilling others and being continually of service when in reality we have needs we all do from the day we leave the womb we have needs for food, nurturing and comfort to the day we die we have needs for peace, comfort and support as we pass into the next life, the challenge I faced was how do I fulfill my needs? 

Especially physical ones? Such as intimacy when its not available, affection and comfort? For those who have those needs available may also struggle with having them fulfilled because of their lack of communication so as one does they expect the world to read their mind much like myself had been doing and that ends up in a boil over of frustrations of emotions.

  • YOU mUst take OWNERship for YOUR NEEDS
  • YOU mUst CommunIcate YOUR NEEDS
  • YOU mUst fInd a way to fUlfill  Needs that YOU can’t have met there and then in an HONEST and CONSIDERATE  way that DOESN’T HURT  another HUMAN 

It’s okay to have needs as we all do but remember ownership and communication is a must without the expectations.



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