Pain of death worse than the pain of rejection?

Experienced a sensation of anger and frustration which I intentionally brought on by revisiting past rejections that have occured in my life, the sensation was scary to say the least, experiencing the power of anger through revisiting those experiences.

I think death is less painful in today’s digital world then that of being rejected, disapproved, turned away, as it damages our self esteem, triggers anxiety and if we let it, can also diminish our self worth, we are social beings by nature, so they need to connect is always strong, we often struggle to connect with ourselves before we connect with the world and we often reject ourselves more than we accept, we starve for connection and belonging and to be rejected starves us even more like a lion that hasn’t fed in days.

Death we can mourn and overcome, yes the pain exists and will for sometime but there is no act of rejection in death, nobody dies as a sign of rejecting someone because its a part if life we all eventually succumb too.

But the pain of rejection, makes us feel like we are being starved of social connectedness so we form an angry perspective on the world and take on the rebellious one man army approach the mighty “I don’t need nobody to accept me” when in fact all that merely is about is exercising your pain suffered through rejection.

How have I dealt with the pain rejection?
Very hard, overtime you build a great resistance to it, until a point where you no longer feel pain but rather release, like a boxer who’s taken many hits you just get back up stronger each time.


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