War on mental health

Not every battle is fought with bullets and bombs involving blood and guts, some are fought in the silent dark.

Some heroes don’t have medals to show their valor and courage in the line of fire, some heroes have hidden scars, we may never see, some have a, some people fight and fight and survive and never earn a medal and never expect one for their courage in the line of invisible fire and well concealed enemies.

Mental health is that silent in the dark battle that some people are in the trenches with daily, firing off rounds of anxiety and invisible nonexistent enemies, ducking bullets of social life, putting on a bullet proof vest of anti social attitude as to avoid the reality and light of the world.

Sometimes an alli is they need but the radio one pushes to communicate falls silent as the words we want “send help” never come out instead they go on to fight their own battles in the darkness of life’s trenches.

I’m no military expert nor will I ever intend to be I just find this as an easy way to communicate what mental health issues may feel like for some in today’s world.

If you push that button on the radio let the comms know to send you help there is no harm or weakness in requesting fire support for mental health


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