Where Does One find Their Passion

As I sit here, reflecting and watching life, I realise I am yet to find my passion, whilst I encounter people whom have a direction in life that are seemingly younger than me, I still find myself ultimately without a direction or a passion, I love my career and what it’s become, I love helping people but still within that career I cannot pinpoint a passion that comes out of it.

I don’t know what to study, I don’t know which path to take as Gary Vanyerchuck roughly quotes “Just keep doing until you find something” I’m still doing and still not finding lol, I’ve hit 35 and sometimes feel like time is running out.

Our pursuit of a passion comes through trial and error, persistence and resilience I believe, I know I cannot just settle for a life, but rather I want an experience I want to serve a purpose before leaving this earth, it’s not the size of the purpose but the quality at which you serve your fellow human beings that matter.


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