Why self affirmations are bullshit

Our view of the world and ourselves is based on the story we ultimately tell ourselves.

And in a day n age of social media where insecurity, loneliness and mental health issues are ever increasing, we are searching for ways to ever combat these so we can ultimately build ourselves to be a mentally strong soldier on the frontlines of life

Some of the affirmations I quite often see are

“I’m a strong independent single person that doesn’t need anyone”

“I’ve been single so long, I am undateable”

“I’m a boss man or boss lady”

These are just mere examples of the affirmations we tell ourselves daily to inadvertently mask the pain of our reality to suppress the suffering so we feel better and stronger about ourselves when in fact its giving us a false sense of security and reality about who we truly are at the end of the day.

I remember sprouting off constant affirmations many a time days on end, yes I felt good for that time until I encountered an experience that absolutely would tear down that false sense of security and strength created by these”affirmations ”

Life is about experiences, repeated over and over again, we must listen to the messages and read between the lines of all these, rather than rehearse a constant script of words as we look in the mirror first thing in the morning or last thing art the end of the day.


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