Why Do We Cry For Help?

The other day I hit the brick wall my depression and anxiety had spiralled out of control triggered by my loneliness.

The outpouring of help was great and I am truly grateful for it on Facebook, but why should it take a cry for help to get help or to be reached out to?

Im not doubting a single persons kind nature or good intentions here, but just puzzled as to why it took that cry for help to get an outpouring of feedback and support.

We ask or tell the lonely, depressed or anxious people to reach out “you have to reach out” but we from the other side of the fence seldom reach out ourselves but yet again we’re directing people to do it as its what’s good for them.

Not every lonely or depressed person has the courage to just reach out or cry for help even because they fear be labelled as attention seeking or ignored because we all lead apparently busy lives and so in turn we suppress and keep to ourselves.

In future if your telling someone to reach out make sure your practicing what your preaching ultimately.


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