As I scroll through the news feeds on Facebook I notice a trend and its that of

“Tarring with the same brush” mentality and its not just towards a particular religion but in general we stereotype people because of their behaviour and a misrepresentation of them by a minority. As the dalai lama once said 

Just like anyone we have our own story and our own minority that misrepresents us but that doesnt mean we tar the innocent with the same brush.

It saddens me when I see this happening as I was raised a Muslim and I know in my heart from my experiences they are as humane compassionate and loving as any other religion.

My Muslim name I was given at birth was

Eddi nur  with nur meaning

Meaning of Nur

Nur is a name for both boys and girls and means light (the opposite of darkness), radiant (something that gives off light on its own, such as a star), light (as in ‘ray of light’), and it is one of the 99 Attributes of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).

Now to most of my friends they see me as an Aussie born down under but for me its much more that Muslim culture is a part of me I know in my heart that Islam is not represented by terrorists.

As much as I want to vent my frustrations I will say though YOU CANNOT HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS TO ACCEPTANCE OR LOVING KINDESS

In essence you are double standarding yourself as you project that to the rest of the world 

10% doesn’t represent 100% 

Be true to yourselves and be true to the world as remember we all have our story and words can be powerfully damaging or powerfully energizing.

Peace love light

Andy. P

What is your happiness worth??

Is it measured in dollars and cents

Is it measured in social media followers?

Is it measured in how you make others happy?

Is it measured by the way you see the world?

Is it measured by how many pairs of shoes or hats you own?

Your happiness is truly measured by whatever  means that makes you happy with loving kindness and compassion.

We seem to be caught up in social media frenzies often doing what we think makes us happy because we see how happy it makes someone else, just remember the only reflection to live through is yours.

I believe peer pressure and succumbing to it can play a big part of  it even being a people pleaser or approval addict too  has us living a false sense of happiness as we feel if we make work to keep the other person happy that it will aid in our happiness, it’s all on your intentions at the end of the day.

  1. we can make people happy with the intent of wanting to impact lives positively which gives us fulfilment OR 
  2. We can go out of our way to simply please them make them happy as to avoid confrontation or because your to afraid to not upset them so their happiness = your happiness essentially

just remember this your happiness is measured

  1. BY YOU
  2. FOR YOU

Don’t fear being the rainbow on a grey day or the loud amongst the quiet or the individual amongst the pack  

Show no fear and create your own measure of happiness

Battle with my ego

I’ve been in a struggle with my egotistical side it keeps cropping up at unexpected times in the most unexpected places.

It has constantly cropped up at the gym more so than any other place, I will be honest I am dealing with issues of inadequacy, insecurity and envy  some days worse some days good and apart of those is my ego especially in a place like the gym.

I used to be able to just workout without worrying about what everyone else is doing around and just stay focused on my goals, but as of late I’ve either lost that  ability or feel theres a need to prove myself for some unknown reason.

I keep telling myself

  • Focus on your journey
  • Focus on your goals
  • Focus on you

Try to forget there is anyone else around you, it can prove to be difficult to do that being the friendly person I am lol.

My egotistical side has been the hardest part of me to shake off it has only came around in the last 3 years since I lost the weight and it has hung around since.

I acknowledge it but not sure how I can confront it in order to live life peacefully.

Peace love light


Believe in your reflection

You know the only reflection that matters is that of your own

Not anyone else’s just your own beautiful reflection
There is nothing wrong with you nothing at all so stop trying to live a life in the reflection of someone Else’s
The only words that matter are the ones you speak to yourself

The only feelings that matter are the ones you feel towards yourself

The only judgement that matters is how you judge yourself

It all belongs to you the kindness the beauty the purity the soul you own all of this and more
You are more valuable than you could ever ever imagine so start loving embracing and believing in your own reflection as you were born with it and will leave the earth with it as well.

Live it embrace it love it value it

Peace love light