As I scroll through the news feeds on Facebook I notice a trend and its that of

“Tarring with the same brush” mentality and its not just towards a particular religion but in general we stereotype people because of their behaviour and a misrepresentation of them by a minority. As the dalai lama once said 

Just like anyone we have our own story and our own minority that misrepresents us but that doesnt mean we tar the innocent with the same brush.

It saddens me when I see this happening as I was raised a Muslim and I know in my heart from my experiences they are as humane compassionate and loving as any other religion.

My Muslim name I was given at birth was

Eddi nur  with nur meaning

Meaning of Nur

Nur is a name for both boys and girls and means light (the opposite of darkness), radiant (something that gives off light on its own, such as a star), light (as in ‘ray of light’), and it is one of the 99 Attributes of Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala).

Now to most of my friends they see me as an Aussie born down under but for me its much more that Muslim culture is a part of me I know in my heart that Islam is not represented by terrorists.

As much as I want to vent my frustrations I will say though YOU CANNOT HAVE DOUBLE STANDARDS TO ACCEPTANCE OR LOVING KINDESS

In essence you are double standarding yourself as you project that to the rest of the world 

10% doesn’t represent 100% 

Be true to yourselves and be true to the world as remember we all have our story and words can be powerfully damaging or powerfully energizing.

Peace love light

Andy. P


True compassion

True compassion is compassion we all are capable of.

What is true compassion?

The ability to exercise unconditional compassion to each and every human being, be it a loved one or a complete stranger, true compassion is where happiness lies, if we can truly exercise this form of compassion there would be less suffering as its unconditional because we are not being judgemental or selective in whom we exercise compassion towards because one and all are human beings at the end of the day.

Selective compassion 

means we chose to whom we wish to exercise compassion to more than likely a loved one rather than a complete stranger, because we know that loved one will respond to it as we expect and it will fulfil the happiness we desire which is only short lasting and were left seeking it again and again but to exercise true compassion without judgement brings long lasting happiness as we’ve removed the confusion of selective and judgment in order to make a decision.
Peace love and light


Human being 

Why fear another?

Why be intimidated?

Why devalue yourself at another’s expense?

Why devalue another?

Why hurt another?

Why chase another?

Why discriminate against another?

Why lie to another?

Why be racist?

All of these things don’t need to happen when we open our eyes and realise we are all just human beings same blood same heart same brain same bone matter  we need to start doing 

More love,compassion, understanding and forgiveness and letting go 👌

Peace Love and light

Andy. P